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       I have four years of work experience and enrolling for MS this Fall 2014, The course is supposed to be completed in 2 years time comfortably, But since i cannot spend much time as a student and want to finish my graduate degree at the earliest I intend to complete my course in one years' time and apply for H1B and get it approved. So will there be any problems if i finish my course in 1 years time and apply for H1B..are there chances my application after getting selected in lots get rejected...Any difficulties or penalties that i have to pay in terms of getting H1B visa due to fast completion of the course?

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You will likely find that you need the two years.

The classes are one thing, the homework is quite another. If you try to do 16 hours study, you will find out that homework is at least twice as much.

University personnel knows that, and discourages people from biting off more than they can chew.

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