Wrong data for H1b extension application led to 3 year approval. How should I correct it?


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I work for a Indian base MNC and had initially come to US on a L1b visa in 2008. When my L1b visa expired in 2011, my company applied for an H1b in 2011 which is about to expire in Oct 2014. I had applied for an extension based on the unused period of my Visa. Our Visa departments fills up the application on our behalf. I had supplied them with my entry-exit dates for both L1b and H1b, but the person who fills up the form only included the H1b dates and did not fill my entry-exit dates for L1b. 

Today I got my extension approval (new I-797) which mentions that I have been granted an extension approval for 3 more years (till 2017) while I was expecting an extension of just 1 year (based on my unused H1b and L1b dates). Now I am in a dilemma what I should do. I have reached out to my company, but I wanted to understand how I can be legally safe and how can I approach USCIS to correct this error? Please advise.






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