Can I reneter with a new stamping and valid old visa


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Hello all,

I am having visa stamping till sep 30 2014.

My extension starts from Oct 1 2014.

I am having visa interview on Sep 2 in Canada. 


Can I reenter to US in September first week with new visa stamping, since my old visa is till sep 30 and new starts from Oct 1st.

When extension is approved, can I still travel based on the old visa?

Does my old stamping will be still valid after the stamping? 

Please advice.

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you mean, I cannot reenter till September 20, 2014, even though I am having old visa.

Yes, you can. But, aren't you planning to go for stamping before that? If new visa is approved it will be valid from the day of stamping and your old visa will be cancelled. If for some reason your new visa is not approved then you cannot enter US.

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