Visa Approved on Jul17th at Jamaica


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This was my H1b renewal. My first H1 visa was approved at canada. I have client letter, and I was with same employer since my OPT.


Documents asked: Old and new passport, Old and new I797, all W2's.




VO: What is your job title?

A: *** (my H1B, LCA all have same title)


VO: Can I have your old I-797


VO: What are your responsibilities?

A: I explained her as per my title. (My employer doesnt give programmer analyst to everyone..we have different titles based on our platform and experience, which I really appreciate my employer on it)


VO: Why did you decide to work as "My job title"?

A: I did my Btech in CSE and MS in s/w engg. It was easy for me to relate my education with my work.


VO: Did you study in US?

A: yes, I did MS in ** at ***.


VO: Was that your higher education?

A: Yes.


VO: what did you study before?

A: I did my 4 years Bachelors degree in India.


VO: Give me your old passport??

VO: You told you graduated from one uni and I see your F1 stamping on other uni?

A: Yes, I transfered university in between.


VO: Did you work on OPt?

A: yes, i worked on opt.


VO: Can I see your w2's?

VO: I see you worked for your employer all this years. Do you work for them aor for the client?

A: Yes, I work for them(employer), but they want me to work at client location on a project.


VO: who is your client?

A: ****. I have letters if you want to verify anything more.

VO: I am fine, I dont need any docs.


She typed for sometime and asked my job title again and continued typing.


VO: Where are you going to pick up your passport?

A: At the DHL main branch.


VO: its going to take more than 10 days, when are you going back?

A: ****


VO: its better for you to pick up here, Here is the slip with the date and time, come to the embassy and pick t up.


ME: Thank you and have a good day.


I picked my passport next day and I got it for next 3 years. Based on my expirence, They are verifying everything, its not like blindly approving for everyone. My case was clean and so it was approved.


I just want to specify that I am a GIRL, so it helps others.


Jamaica, I didnt like the country that much, and I didnt feel its secured. Seeing at the forums I contacted Ried for pick ups and drop off. If he is free he will come or else he will send his frnds. I felt ried is a bit descent but his frnds are like other cab drivers.


Miami was my port of entry. Questions asked:


Officer: where are you comming from?

A: Jamaica


Officer: Did you go for your visa?

A: yes and also for a very small vacation( i was in Jamaica only for 3 days)


Officer: I see you got your visa issued yesterday?

A: yes Sir.


Officer: whats your job title?



Officer: I see a different role here?

A: I got a promotion recently may be you are seeing my old job title.


Officer: let me change it.


Officer: You know that I-94 is online now?

A: yes, I knew it.


Officer: Here is your passport

A: Thank you




Good Luck with your visa!!! Take care!!!



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