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    I am on H4 status and its going to expire in sep 2014.So I planned to do masters in education program and got admission recently for fall term.I came to india for my family function.How to convert my h4 to f1 ??? Is it safe to apply from india or should i go back and apply for change of status ??? If i apply for COS in US,the processing time is around 2 to 3 month itseems so in which status i will be in US ?? Can i apply in india ??? pls tel me the procedure as my classes going to start this fall and my visa is going to expire...My spouse h1 is also expiring and he has EAD.

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To get your F1 visa stamped while you are in India, you need to have I-20 from your school. Generally they provide you with I-20 after furnishing all the documents which include the financial proof. For COS, you already are aware of the risk as you rightly pointed out. You might be out of status if COS does not come through on time. 

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What is AOS ??? and also how can i come back after my f1 got denied when my h4 is yet to expire ??? I got 1-20 is it safe for me to apply f1 from india or go back and apply for cos ??? I dont have enough time as my visa expires on sep...

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