H1B to F1, the back to H1B plan idea


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My last day at my current job will be 31st of July 2014. I will be starting a STEM Masters program on 2nd of September 2014. My school adviser advised me to COS by traveling outside and applying for a F1. So I arranged plans to leave the U.S. on 31st of July 2014 and have my visa interview on 4th of August 2014. 

My H1B has been used up for 4 years and 10 months. I also spent about 4 months outside the country within that period. So I have 14 months straight or 18 months with the outside of the country extension. 

My plan is to apply for F1, finish masters in 9 months, then either work on OPT which is 12 months + 17 months extension or find an employer who will file a NON CAP H1B petition for me where I can continue where I left of and possibly apply for EB2 after. 

Does this make sense? or am I missing something out?


Thanks for all the help.

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