What are the possible issues going for H1B interview with an unused F1 visa?


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Recently I got my F1 stamped for doing my Master's in the U.S but later the H1B petition which was filed by my employer was picked up in the lottery and my employer is processing for my H1B visa now. I'm planning to drop my Master's plan and go for H1B employment. 

I would like to know:- 
1. If there will be any issues while going for H1B stamping with an unused F1? Will I be tagged as a potential immigrant and banned for life time :( 

2. If the Visa office asks me why I didn't go for my studies, shall I say the real reason "I believe going and working in H1B will give me a real time experience and better exposure" or should I cook up something like "My edu. loan was denied... blah.. blah..."

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@jairichi & @rahul412: Thanks a lot for your response!! :)



My H1B petition was still in the lottery when I went for my F1 stamping. So, couldn't decide anything at that point of time :(. I hope the VO gets convinced with my response.


Please let me know if you feel I should be handling this in a better way

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