I94 extension near Niagara


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We got electronic I94 when we entered US (I am in L1A and spouse/kid in L2). my Wife and Kid's passport were expiring this november and their I94 carried the passport expiry dates. now that we have renewed the passport, i was planning a trip to Canada to get I94 extended (visa valid till Apr 2016). but have a couple of queries
1. while i had electronic I94 at entry, will it be paper based when i return>
2. i read in some forums/responses that less than 30 day travel to Canada would not get I94 re-issued. is there a way i could request the CBP at POE for reissuing or is I94 reissued automatically?

Any recent experiences on I94 reissue at Rainbow bridge will help.

Alternatively, if it is a tedious process getting it by land travel, will an air travel to Toronto make this easier?

request your kind info and help in clearing my doubts.. all the older queries on this were paper based and it was said that paper would be taken, now that i dont have any paper based, looking for latest experience and suggestions..


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1. Yes . You can get paper based I-94 at port of entry

2. Not true. you can get I-94 irrespective of your trip duration.


I was on the same boat. I crossed bridge and returned to US after couple of hours. You have to pay five or six dollars for the new I-94. 

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