During Gap Cap between F1 OPT expired and H1B activation - Job Terminated


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Hi Team,


My friend laid off and she has been given 60 days notice period. Based on her below visa status, even if she get job before her termination date, she has some questions to forum


will she be legally eligible to work for any new employer ?

if so, what document she has to give to her new employer ?


will the new employer able to do transfer H1-B will be activated only after Oct 1st ?


                   if yes, they can transfer the approved H1-B, when can the they start the                                H1-B transfer process before or after October 1st ?


                   if No, they cant transfer the old employer sponsored H1-B,  can the new                                employer at least sponsor for new H1-B, that would be H1-B be exempt from                        lottery ?


Important dates.


F1-OPT expired on                   Apr 30th 2014

H1B valid from                          Oct 1st 2014 to March 3rd 2014

Currently in CAP-GAP status

Her Job termination date          Sep 15th 3014






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