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Hello Everyone,

My GC is filed in the EB2 (India) category. My PD is June 2008 which is current at the time of writing this post.My PD was current couple of years back and I got my EAD (valid until April 2015) and my GC is currently in the AOS stage.

My current employer is going to spin our product into a new company. The new company will be a new and independent financial entitee. 

So my official employer is going to change even though I am not changing jobs. I have some questions regarding porting my 485, porting my H1, EAD extentsion. I am hoping the wise folks here can provide some guidance.


 1. I understand my 485 should be ported to the new employer, is there a time limit by which this should happen or is the timing of porting of the 485 not important ?

2. EAD approval - My EAD expires in April 2015, My new employer will have to apply for new EAD sometime in Dec 2014 - should the 485 be ported before the new employer can apply for EAD. Should the H1 be ported ? 

3. Does the new employer need to submit any paperwork prior to applying for an EAD ?

4. Is there anything else I should be following up on regarding my GC application ?



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