H1B to F1 Change of Status Options


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I have been working on H1B for about 5 years and 4 months and I have about 8 months left on my H1B. My last day at my current job will be 31st of July 2014. I will be starting a STEM Masters program on 2nd of September 2014.

My school adviser advised me to change my status by traveling outside and applying for a F1. As Change of status application from within the US take a very very long time.

My question is, when should I leave the country and apply for a F1. Should it be before July 31 or after? I am wondering if I can switch back to H1B when my master's program finishes in 9 months time.

If not I will have opt for 12 months + 17 months extension etc...

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Hi Jairichi,


Thank you for the response. I am planning to travel outside on July 31 and apply for the F1 right after. So after I finish my masters hopefully within 9 months, another employer can file a cap subject H1B petition and I would be allowed to use the remaining 8 months? 


Thank you again!

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