When to start GC after H1 extension beyond 6 years?


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I'm currently on my H1B 9th year with expiration 08/18/2016 (extension after 6 years based on I140 approval from my previous employer and probably revoked now) and hoping for my current company to start my Green Card process in another 6-8 months (around March 2015).


When is the earliest my current company should start my GC process (PERM labor and subsequent I140 petition) to retain my priority date (09/09/2010) and to allow 3 year H1 extension?


Do I need to get my Labor approved or I140 approved on or before 08/17/2016 before 365 days from from my H1 expiration (08/18/2016) to retain my priority date?


I do not want the risk of going out of country for 1 year or losing my priority date or losing my eligibility to renew H1 for 3 years and what is the criteria post 6 year H1 period?


Please advise.

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