F1 visa interview experience @jamaica on 14th july


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My F1 visa interview is on 14th July 2014. Went to consulate at 7:30 am

My background: converted from H4 to F1. and completed 2 semesters.

I have waited like 2 hr 40 mins.

Me: good morning

Vo: gud Ming.

Vo: are you on h1

Me: no sir, I am a student. Studying at ......

Vo: where it is?

Me: said

Vo: is your husband on h1 visa?

Me: yes

Vo: is he working there?

Me: said

Vo: can I see the bank stmt

Me: gave bank stmt

Vo: when are you leaving

Me: said

Vo: visa approved and collect your passport on ..... Gave the red slip


Cab driver Reid is so helpful, honest. I definitely recommend.


Note: make sure to carry all documents

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