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For applying US visa in CGI federal website, I've created profile making my MOM as primary applicant and DAD as dependent. When they went for Visa, for some reasons visa rejected.


Now I want to make my DAD as primary applicant and MOM as dependent. I'm unable to do these changes in the existing profile. As a result, I've created other profile with my DAD as primary applicant and when I tried to add my MOM as dependent, it says 'This profile already exists'.


I provided feedback requesting these changes, they replied I can't make my DAD as primary applicant as the visa fee receipt is tagged to the profiles.


Is this true? I'm worried. Please help me.



Thank You.

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As long as both parents are applying together, it does not matter who is the primary applicant while creating a profile on to schedule the visa interview at one of the U.S. consulates / embassy in India. In most occasions, the officer determines the application based on the information available in the DS 160 and what is transpired at the visa interview. The applicant(s) are expected to establish strong financial, family and social ties to home country during the visa interview to overcome the presumption under Sec 214(b) of Immigration and Nationality Act. If you need further assistance in this matter, please feel free to consult with one of the Attorneys at Murthy Immigration Services Private Limited in Chennai, India. More information is available on

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