H1 Extension-Roller Coaster at Peak


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My Initial H1 was in Oct 2009 
Current I94 & VISA Valid till 9/9/14 
I-140 approved with PD (EB2): Sep 2011 
Working Model: EVC Model 

Application Type: Extension for 3 years with approved I-140. 
Service Center: Vermont 
Processing Type: Premium 
Application Filed: 25 May 2014 
USCIS Received Date: 27 May 2014 
RFE Received: Yes 
Reason for RFE: Employee-Employer Relationship 
RFE Received Date: 6 Jun 2014 
RFE Replied Date: 18 Jun 2014 
Application Denial Date: 25 Jun 2014 
Reason for Denial: Not Enough evidence to prove Employee-Employer Relationship and also no client letter. 

As I have time till I94 expiry date, i.e. 9/9/14, Refiled it again along with original receipt notice, denial letter and remaining documents (client letter, paystubs, wo & master agreements etc...) 

Processing Type: Premium 
Application Filed: 10 July 2014 
USCIS Received Date: 11 July 2014 

We did not received the receipt notice for this refile, randomly I checked with old receipt number (denied one), status is in "Initial Review" 
Status on 15 July 2014: 
On July 14, 2014, we received your correspondence for your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER...etc.....unlike "we received this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER and etc....

Checked with Attorney about receipt number, he is not 100% sure about reuse, advised to wait few more days before contacting them. 

Anyone had this kind of experience? 
Can USCIS reuse the same receipt(Denied) number?

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