I have my GC and my wife's F1 visa is expiring - will it be better to file her GC now or should I wait for my citizenship to get approved in 2015

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My wife is on F1 and this is her second Masters. Since she has done her OPT 9 years back when she did her first Masters degree here, we have been told that her OPT application will be denied this time and she will have to leave the country - though we have applied for it


I already have my green card and I am expecting to apply for my citizenshion in June 2015. It typically is taking 3 - 4 months to get the citizenship since the waiting time is less in  he state of New Hampshire.



Is there any other way that my wife can stay here in the U.S, except for being on a visitor's visa here and how much time can she stay on B1 (visitors visa)?

If I file for her green card, will she still require a B1 visa?


What is generally the time frame in which she can get her green card through me if I file for her green card now?


Or will it be better to file her GC once I get my citizenship - I am expecting it by Sep 2015. In that case can I file her GC after getting my citizenship, even though she won't be in U.S, since she will have to leave the country now once her F1 expires? How much time will it take for her to get her GC or EAD or whatever visa she will get once I get my citizenship?

Thank you for your advice.

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