H1B Consular processing Stamping outside USA


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I have applied for H1B from India in Apr and got approval. But meanwhile I travelled to USA on H4 and I am currently in USA. Can I go for H1B stamping (this is fresh H1, I did not do MS in US) in Canada or Jamaica? Please advise.

You can enter US on H1B not more than 10 days before H1B start date.

US consulates in Canada have temporarily stopped giving visa appointments for TCN.

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I have changed my status from L1 to H1 few years back and got first time H1-B stamping in Jamaica. I don't have masters in US. They did not ask any questions related to that. I got visa and I am back in US now. If you are still concern, please send an email to Kingston embassy explaining your situation, they reply pretty quickly.

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