Travel to India on old visa and after coming back change employer


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Hello Everyone

I have a visa stamped from company A valid till Feb, 2015, I changed from company A to company B and my H1B got transferred till 2017. Now I am planning to go to India -
(i) Do I need to get stamped again? probably not right
(ii) After I come back from India, I am changing to another company C so again my visa will get transferred. So my question is if when I come back from India my I-94 will be dated till Feb, 2015 only because my old visa is valid until then. So when my visa is getting transferred to company C will I get visa only until Feb, 2015 based on the end date of I-94.

Hope this makes sense, can some body please please answer

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Your I-94 will not be based on the old VISA, it is always determined by the Officer @ POE with different criterias some of them include the validity of your Passport, Validity of your approved I-797 etc.


Your new transferred I-797 validity will also not depend on your old stamped visa on passport or the I-94, it will be based on the merits of the transfered petition and the reminder of the time on H1B along with other factors.

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