EB2 priority dates current

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As EB2 priority dates have become current this month, and next for India - I want to know the next steps.


- is there going to a new finger printing appointment? (Last finger printing was done about 15 months ago)


- Is there going to be a new medical test requirement?


- RFE was answered on I-140 a long time back, and it is approved. Is there any more questioning possible at this stage?


My brother's PD is June 2008. Is there any reason not to expect the GC to be mailed to him this month (PD upto Sep 2008) or next? As it is widely expected that EB2 for India will retrogress come Oct 2014, what other actions are required or possible by him if the cards don't arrive automatically, and by when should he initiate these actions?


My own GC was 8 years back, and I hadn't gone through these retrogression loops for this long so I don't have first hand experience.




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