Audit on EB3 Skilled Worker


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If someone could help me out..My company filed PERM under EB3 Skilled Category in April 2013 and I got an Audit. My attorney filled it using only experience and no education. The reason being that I have a 3 years degree from India and he said that if we file using education the case will be of no good.I have almost 12 years of experience, 2 years of experience with the employer who filed the PERM. Now because I filed based on experience we knew that it would be audited. My question is: 

1. Is there an issue if an education is not mentioned and PERM is filled based on just experience (EB3 skilled category) 
2. What are the chances of my PERM case being approved. 

I'm just having the jitters.. If someone could help.

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