B1 Visa Application Process


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Hi there!

I own a startup in India & we have a subsidiary registered in MN, USA 2 years back. We'd like to open a bank account & procure physical space to develop the business further. I'm planning to get these done on a B1 so that we can start L1 process.

I'm planning a trip by the end of August. 

Though its a Business Trip on B1, I prefer to fund it from my personal savings. I can manage a sum of 5 - 6 Lakhs for the travel from my personal savings. Will that be a problem? My annual salary drawn from my startup is very minimal (3.3 Lakhs per annum - Its just for the sake of showing that I'm employed). Will that be a problem?


Even though our business is based in India, all our clients are US based. We are facing serious issues in collecting payments on a daily basis through International Wire Transfer, first time clients don't feel secure & we plan to setup a subscription business model & that requires US Bank account to be credit card gateway through Authorize or Stripe or Braintree.


Am I supposed to take any business documents even if the trip is going to be self sponsored?

We estimate the total work (opening bank account & procuring office space) could take upto 10 days. What if it exceeds?

I'll be providing my partner's uncle (a citizen/green card holder - not sure) as 'point of contact' in USA. But he is in India rightnow, will that be a problem?

Based on my situation, which type has better approval rate? B1 or B2 or B1/B2?


Thanks in advance!

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