I 485 RFE document not received and 45 days gone


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Hi All,

I would like to thank all the experts here for providing their advices .This is a great help for lot of folks.

I have a question on address change and receiving of RFE.

Our RFE was generated on June 3rd but for some reason we never got it.

Fortunately my previous lawyer got my RFE but did not get my wife's RFE.

My wif called and created a ticke on 06/27 and they said it would take atleast 15 day and verifierd the address is correct.again on July 2nd we got an update that USPS returned the mail because it's not a valid address .

We called again and verified the address is correct and they created another ticket which will take another 15 days..it's bit frustrating ..


1. Is there any alternate process to get the RFE faster for my wife??

2. Is it Ok if my lawyer responds my case only without the original copy of RFE but have the photocopy.

Appreciate for all your help!!


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