In which situation is H1 B stay separated from L1B stay out of total 6 years


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Travelled to USA in Aug 2007 on L1 B, extended L1 B in June 2010. Converted L1 B to H1 B in Jan 2012. Stayed on H1 B for 10 months before returning to India in August 2013. I have completed 1 year of stay outside US to reset the visa count. According to our calculation, there are only 8 to 9 months left out of total (L1 B + H1 B) 6 years of stay. Company is filing H1 B under cap exempt to reclaim remaining time on H1 B. Here are few of my concerns/questions:

1. How much time will be approved for same H1 B?

2. Did my 1 year stay outside USA, reset H1 B clock? Also does it separate H1 B stay from L1 B stay?

3. What should I do next to get maximum time in USA?




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