H1b in RFE and other Employer ready to apply transfer


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Hi All,


I received RFE on H1b on 12 July 2014 as seen on USCIS website,I am not sure how come on Saturday(Non Working Day) my H1b status changed to RFE from initial review.


Another thing is another employer is ready to transfer my h1b.I have valid i797 till 30th Sep 2014.Can another employer go ahead with the transfer even if my current H1b is in RFE?


Any pointers will be helpful.



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Thanks for your reply.


Actually this is my second extension from US and i94 has already expired,But my i797 is valid till 30th Sep 2014,So just curious to know can a new employer file the h1b transfer in this case.



Since your I94 has expired and a properly filed extension petition is pending with USCIS, a new employer's petition will be considered as bridge petition. If either extension is denied or new employer's petition is approved after denial then just exit and enter US with a valid H1B visa and I797.

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