Approved I140 in hands and doing H1B Transfer after 7 Years Please Suggest!!!


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Please can some one help me with following questions.

I am on H1B for over 7 years and my first extension has 7-8 months left along with an approved 140. Currently I have an offer from another company who are willing to transfer my H1B but I am wondering how will these works out.


1. Can a new employer use my I140 approval to file a new H1B Transfer. If so would the USCIS will be approve H1B Transfer for 3 years or less than that.


2. New employer is promising me that he will start my GC processing after 6 months of my start date, Can I explain the same to my old employer and request him to hold my I140 utile my Priority date get to be current(Would he able to hold the I140 with out revoking it)


3. What if my PD becomes current while I am still in PERM processing with the new company. Can my old company file my EAD/GC while I am working for new company? Or do I need my old H1B need to be still active to process my EAD/GC.


4.Is it advisable to change my company at this point. Are there are any risks now or in FUTURE




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