Visiting india after 4yrs .


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I have visited india in 2009 dec on F1.

I m on h1 since 2012 and this is the first stamping and I m visiting india after 5 yrs .

1.What can I say if VO ask me why didn't you visit for this long ?

2.Until feb I was in California and by end of feb I moved to michigan . Latest 2 Bank statements has MI Address and rest all has california address.

What type of questions I may receive ?

Please respond .

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Folks I totally understand

But I didn't visit india just I was scared about stamping .

That's the only fact which I can't say obviously .

So pls help me here wit suggestions

why are scared of visa interview?? Is something wrong in your case??

You need to tell the truth, that's the only suggestion. If you get caught lying during the interview, then you have to forget US.

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