New H1B Stamping (Jamaica),- Current H1B stamp expired


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Hi All, 


I am currently on H1B, I have valid I797. My previous H1B (with a different employer) got expired and hence my passport has no valid stamp. 


I would like to travel from US to Jamaica for visa stamping. My questions are 


1. Will there be any issues at the port of entry (since currently I don't have a valid stamp)? 

2. How can I check the earliest appointment date at Kingston, Jamaica? Do I need to pay visa fee before I can check calendar? 

3. Is the visa fee tied to a consulate in a specific country ? i.e. can I pay the fee for US cons. in Jamaica and later on transfer it to US cons. in India? 



Thank you very much. 




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Hi Ritu,


I have a similar situation wherein I have changed my employer recently. My prior h1b visa stamping with my old employer has expired. Can i go to Jamaica for a new employer stamping. 

Also, did you get details regarding getting the appointment at Kingston ? Could you please share the link ?



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1. No but do purchase a return ticket to US. Also, explain to the officer that you'll leave for India in case you get your visa rejected and since you are an Indian national, you won't have problem going to India.. what they care about only is that you leave their country on time.


2. Yes, you have to pay the fee first


3. No, you can't transfer visa fee paid for US cons in Jamaica to India

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