Did I overstay ? I'm Confused please help


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I'm in the process of getting my F1 Visa and was digging my past so i got this sudden doubt and that is haunting me. Please help me.

Back in 2008(April15th) I got deputed to US under L1B and from then I had one more extension L1B applied and stamped(VISA and I94 expiry June 15 2013).

Before my L1B VISA/I94 expiry my company applied for conversion from L1B to L1A . It was filed on Jan 24 2013(as per uscis record) and i have waited for almost 5 months and got an RFE. I replied back and then again waited but because we don't want to cross the 240 days i was asked to leave on september 17th 2013 and i left on 238th day. After a month i got the approval mail from uscis approving my l1a. even i though my conversion got approved I had no plans to go back due to my personal commitments.

i was told that during petition is in process i'm legal to stay in US adhering to the days.

180/240 days clause - hope i didn't violate
Did i overstay by any means
My conversion petition is valid from september 25th 2013 to Jan 25th 2015.

I have my original Conversion petition with me and all the records.

I Checked my petition and it had a column at the bottom called I94 - Valid from Sep 25th 2013 to Jan 25th 2015 [Detach for personal records].

so what happen to my stay between June 15th 2013 to September 17th 2013( the dates where i don't have an i94 or visa but my cos petition was in progress)

My petition has these details. Receipt date (24th Jan 2013) Notice date ( 25th Sep 2013) and I 94 details as mentioned above

please reply because not sure if i'm into big trouble.

Thank you,

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