When to add child to the GC application?


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Baby is due on Aug 5th. His passport should be ready by Sept 5th. 

CP interview scheduled on Aug 19th.


Assuming we are going to get IV visa...Should we


1) Appear for an interview on Aug 19th as scheduled....get IV visa for us...get newborn's passport ...then add newborn on to the applicantion...get IV visa for newborn




2) Reschedule the interview to later date...get newborn passport...add him/her onto application...appear for an interview with newborn..get IV for all at the same time


PLEASE help us out here. Apart from the order of steps, the huge difference is in case 1) at the time of applying for our child, we would be GC holder and in case of 2) we would be non immigrant.


Thanks a bunch!!


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