Successful Stamping July-10 @ 7 am Kingston, Jamaica


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Thanks to folks that posted their experiences and tips, here is my turn now.


Here is my visa experience


VO :  Hi

Me : Hi Good Morning


VO: Good Morning, Give me your passport

Me: Gave Passport


VO: Who is your employer?

Me : xxxxxx


VO: How long have been working for your current Employer?

Me : xxxxxx years


VO: Who is your client?

Me: Mentioned Client Name  ( EVC model )


VO: Where is your client located and what actually it do?

Me: xxxx


VO: Can you give me your recent W2?

Me: Provided recent W2.


VO: Can you give me your Client Letter?

Me: Provided Client letter.He just looked at both of them(not even 20 sec) and gave me back.


Vo : When are you going back?

Me : Saturday (VO stapled red slip onto the pp and gave me the stub and asked me come back on Friday at 2pm to collect it)


My interview took around 2 -3 Minutes.


Make sure you carry all the documents.


Please don't elaborate answers without asking, which creates complexity in questions.

Answer in pretty simple way, to keep it smooth.


Cab driver Reid (876-420-7102) was really helpful. Jamaica is awesome, Try to carry some cash.


All The Best!!!




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