Visitor Visa for my parents (rejected back in April 2011)


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Hello All, 


I want to apply for a visitor visa for my parents this year. My parents went for the same visa interview to Delhi Consulate back in April 2011 (I was graduating in May 2011) but were rejected. 


A few reasons that may have caused the rejection: 


1. My father took retirement in Feb 2011 and went for the interview just 2 months after his retirement. 

2. He started a real estate business at that time, but we didn't write it in the DS-160. 


Things to Consider: 

1. We had mentioned retired the last time he went for interview. 


2. He now works for LIC part time, just to maintain some kind of Job status. 


3. He is into real estate and buy-sells properties, but lately since last 1 - 1.5 years, he didn't have any big transaction, but overall he has properties worth 1.5 Cr (approx) excluding the gold that my mom has. 


4. I have a couple of flats on my name that I purchased back in India in last couple of years (Worth 1.25 Cr)   



It's been 3 years now and I really want to make them visit US before I move back to India for good next year.


Please advice. 


Thanks in Advance! 







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