Is it safe/secure to travel to matamoros, mexico for stamping ?


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Hi - 

I live in Houston, Texas and I can drive to Matamoros, Mexico for my H1b stamping. I've to travel as a family (me and my wife). But when I google about safety in Mexico, I get conflicting answers. 


Can you please let me know if its safe/secure to travel to Matamoros, Mexico as a family ?

Where should I stay ?

How long should I book my hotel ?

Did anybody travel recently ?


Any inputs is highly appreciated.

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I might have to travel on a business visit and my manager have asked me to keep everything ready. so I need to get my stamping done. 


I don't know if its safe or not safe. Based on what I read some say its ok and some say its not ok.Also I read from our forum that some people do travel to Mexico for stamping. 


So I want to hear from anybody who has traveled recently and get their experience. 

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