L1 to H1 transfer


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My H1B visa got Expired 2009. I am currently with L1B visa with same employer.
I am planning to switch my employer now.My questions are:
1) Can I use my old petition and do a change of status with new employer ?
2) Will my old employer be notified about this?
3) Do i have to do the filing before Apr 1 for H1B?
4) how to know if my old H1B petition is still valid?
5) if i go for this conversion do I have to leave the country to get visa stamped?
Thanks in advance for response.


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1. The max allowed stay on H1B is 6 years that includes stay on L1B.

2. No.

3. No.

4. Your old petition would have been revoked once you left your employer.

5. If applied as COS then the answer is NO.


You need to tell us your stay on H1B and L1B and any stay outside US for more than a year during this period.

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