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Hi, i did my masters and then joined in one company and i was there with them around 5 months, but payroll ran for only one month and first 2 months are for training and from other 3 months they just did pay roll for one month. i heard the company was sold to other management later . i changed my employer and have been working with my current employer almost 3 years.  now i submitted docs for my green card process. i talked to company's Attorney who is taking care my case and he said Filing the CASE under EB2 with Masters+ zero previous experience get Audit Review process. he said minimum 3 months previous experience is good to avoid the audit. but my previous employer ran pay roll for just one month and he sent W2 also that time. and also i don't have experience letter and now the management is changed .


do we get Audit if we applied in EB2 with Masters+0 previous Experience?  what options i have, please let me know. Thanks.

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"do we get Audit if we applied in EB2 with Masters+0 previous Experience?"


If the requirement of the job is master+0 yr experience, you won't have any problem. Chances of audit is more as DOL will be interested to see if other employees of your role have the same qualification. Generally speaking, its quite rare to see the job requirement as just masters with no experience. Better, if the job requirement is Bachelor+3 yrs experience or Masters.

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