CPT without specific internship course?


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Hello, I am new to this so I'll try to be as concise as possible. Here is my situation:


  • F1 student with 6 credits left in order to complete MBA (thesis, simulation, internship) Internship however is split into two semesters by the curriculum
  • has an paid internship in sight
  • has not used any CPT or reduced course load before


My original plan was to do the internship that is on the curriculum in order to complete my degree, however, my school requires to do this in two terms. You have to sign up for a three credit internship class (pass/fail, write papers etc.) in each term. My DSO called SEVIS and asked if three credits in Fall14 and three credits in Spring15 were possible, both under RCL but SEVIS said this was not possible. So that ruined this plan.


Then my DSO said I could do CPT without registering the internship in the business department. I would just sign up for the simulation class (6 credits, Oct26-Dec22) and she would give me RCL permission as this class would be my last degree requirement. That way I would maintain Full-Time status and could do the internship as CPT until I graduate and then switch to OPT since the company is planning to train and hire me full time.

However, in all other schools it says that the internship that I do while on CPT has to give me college credit, which technically it would not. Only my last class does during that period.


So in case my DSO is wrong and I cannot do CPT without having the internship accredited by the business department I was thinking to select the first half of the internship for our Summer 3 term, which starts at the end of July, and then complete the other half of the internship class in Fall (3credits) and then graduate. Would I be able to get a RCL for that one and only 3-credit internship class in my last semester in Fall14?



Pre-OPT is out of the question since the company will need me very soon because the person who would be training me leaves in 4 weeks.




Had I known all this I would not have taken 15 credits and 12 credits in my first semesters of my MBA program respectively.





Any help will be greatly appreciated, THANKS!

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