First Time H1B Visa Stamp in JAMAICA


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Hello All,


I have a question.


I have been on H1B since 2008 October. My H1B has been renewed till 2017 March after I-140. 


I have scheduled an appointment to JAMAICA on August 25th 2014. This is my first H1B Stamping.


I have a few questions:-


  1. Can I go to JAMAICA for stamping if it is my first stamping in six years for both current H1B period i.e. (till September 30th 2014 ) and New H1B Period ( Oct 1st 2014 - Mar 20 2017) on August 25th 2014
  2. In appointment reservation, I put receipt number for new H1B. So if my new H1B is stamped would I be able to enter US before October 1st 2014 as my stamping is on August 25th and I dont have any previous H1B stamping.


Your replies are greatly appreciated !!!!

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Did you come on F1?


I also have the same question. I came to US on L1B and changed to H1. I don't have any H1 stamp and am planning to go to Jamaica for stamping.




When are you planning to go for stamping, ?I also converted from l1b to h1b in from October 2013. Am also planning to go Jamaica soon

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