H1b Stamping on future extended petition


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Hi All,


There is one specific question for which I need clarification. I came to US on 28.09.2012 with a valid stamping.


Then I apply for the H1b Extension which I got till 30.11.2014. THIS DONT HAVE A STAMPING IN PASSPORT AS I HAVE NOT TRAVEL TO INDIA


Again, I applied for H1b Extension start date as 01.12.2014 till 02.06.2016 


Now I need to travel to India on VACATION and come back to USA. I applied for H1b stamping  with the latest petition no ........ which starts from 01.12.2014.


Now the question is that what date the USA embassy will give me the start date for stamping as I need to come back to USA in Sep which fall in my old petition date. Kindly answer in detail to let me know the rule

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