Brother planning a visit - Has B1/B2 Visa


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My brother is planning to visit us for a month and although he currently holds a B1/B2 visa, I am concerned a little whether it would be okay to travel using the same visa or if he needs to apply for another one. Some points to note:


- He got B1/B2 visa thru his employer and he is still working at the same company.

- He visited US three years ago on B1 visa to work for a client.

- He is still working with the same employer.

- There is no annotation - no name of the company or the title on his visa. 


Can he travel for tourism/pleasure with the same B1/B2 visa. He will be heading back after a month and does have a return ticket. Would there be any problem of any sort at customs? I am sure that the customs officer would ask about his previous visit. Would that pose any problem now?


Appreciate any help!




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