L1B to H1B COS | First time stamping | Canada or Kingston?


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Hello everyone. I have been reading the forum and it has given me lot of good information. I appreciate all who are putting their experiences.


Following are my details - 

1. Came to US in April 2011 on L1B with company A.

2. Changed L1B to H1B with COS in November 2011 - Company B.

3. Got new offer from Company C. Joined company C in July 2014 with H1B receipt (H1 normal processing).


All these companies are reputed MNCs (non-Indian) .


Now here is the issue. Because of a company training I have to travel to UK for 1 week in September.


I would have been okay if I was in US but because of my travel to UK. I have to get the stamping. 


I have only L1B stamp from India and after that I have no stamping even though I have been working on H1 visa for the last 2.9 years.


I have seen many going to Canada for first time stamping. I wanted to know if it will be okay to go to Canada or Kingston for stamping?


Did anyone with similar situation go for stamping? Did you go with family for stamping?


Also, let me say at the end, I have seen some who ask questions and when they get their answers, they don't come back and update the experience that would help others.


Well I won't do it and put all my experiences in detail so that it will help others in future.


I appreciate all your help.

Thank you!!


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