Out of status twice, need to re-enter US on H1B


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Please note that I have a valid I-797 document. Below is my complete story, please help me with your advice.

Out of status first time: When I was first out of status, around Sep. 2011, I was on F1. It was because I had worked past I-20 dates, since my company had urgent requirement. I left the country within 45 days and re-entered successfully. 

Out of status second time: Last year (2013), I was working under CPT at a company and got laid off on Aug. 9th 2013. Same company had filed my H1B visa that year and it got approved. Since October had started already I requested my adviser from school to reinstate my F1 as I do not have job to work on H1B. My adviser said "Your Visa status was determined by USCIS, and the College will not interfere with decisions made by the United States government. As of October 1, you do not have an active SEVIS record. You have provided me with a copy of your H1-B approval notice, which will be kept on file. Your session II class has been dropped at no charge to you." 
So, I spoke to a lawyer and got to know that I am out of status again. After confirming that, I left the country around Nov. 20th 2013 and have been in my home country and have been working here since then. 

Need your advice: I would like to re-enter US. What problems would I face while visa stamping and at the airport immigration in the US?

Thank you in advance.

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