Successful H1B Stamping @ Calgary 7th July


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Hi Friends,


Here is my H1 stamping experience at Calgary.


Interview at 8am 7th July. 


Me: Good morning officer. How was your long weekend?

VO: Good and how about you sir(He is very friendly)


VO: When did you booked the slot?

Me: Its been a long time sir i didn't remember exact date (More than 2 months back)

VO: Yeah, you are right, now dates are not available.


VO: To whom do you work?

Me: I told my employer name


VO: do you have end Client?

Me: Yes Sir, told my client name XXXXXXXXXX

VO: OOh you are working for a big client great. What do you do at client location

Me: Told my roles and reponsibilities


VO: Good. I'm approving your VISA and cancelling the old Visa(which is valid for 1 more         month)

Me: Thank you sir..


He didn't asked me single document. Interview happened for only 3 mins.


After asking my employer name he approved my visa and took the white slip give me.







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