H1b stamping interview in New Delhi..221g white slip


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Hello Everyone,


I went for H1b visa interview last week at New Delhi US Embassy. The questions I was asked were as below:


VO: How are you

Me: I am doing good mam how about you


VO: Not bad. Can I have your passport and approved H1b petition please?

Me: handed over to her


VO: Who is your employer?

Me: XXXX company


VO: Do you have any client?

Me: No Mam I am going to work at my employer location


VO: Describe your project

Me: Gave a brief description about the project


VO: why they hired you

Me: Identified the required skill set to her to get the job done for the particular role


She starteking at the computrer screen


VO: Have you er been arrested in India?

Me: No Mam


VO: Alright, we will need some more dosumnets from you and your employer which needs to be submitted at the OFCor further verification.


She gave me a 221g white slip with few document checkbox selected in it. She has also asked for a police clearence certificate from the regional passport office. I need to submit those docs along with my passport to OFC.


Please suggest me, if any one had goe through the same and what are my chances to get a visa approval.


Any response will be highly appreciated.



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