H1B with one company and GC with another but same Employer


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I have been reading through various posts, but could not get an answer to what I am looking for. Thought I would post it myself to get some expert suggestion on Immigration

Current situation

1) Company A (H1 employer) files for H1B - Currently working (Initially filed GC under EB3)
2) Company B (GC sponsoring employer) filed GC for future employment (Filed GC under EB2)
3) Company A and B are under the same management but had to file EB2 so went through sister company B.

What I know from reading the forums

I should be on company B H1B when filing I-485


1) Are there chances that USCIS might scrutinize this application more than if it was a normal GC processing as [others (i.e) Same Company H1b and GC] and if so on what basis?
2) Should I transfer my H1B from Company A (H1 employer) to Company B (GC sponsored)?

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