overseas travel during h-1b transfer


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I am currently working for Company A and intend to quit on August 1, 2014 to join Company B. I am a foreign national on an H-1B visa (already stamped in passport) sponsored by Company A, which is valid until August 2016. Company B wants me to start working for them on August 4, 2014. They will initiate an H-1B transfer request soon and will use premium processing to get the approval. They have told me I can start working once USCIS issues the receipt notice.

I would like to travel overseas for a couple of weeks in July 2014 and return while still an employee of Company A. I was wondering if this overseas travel would affect, in any way, my H-1B transfer to Company B. Company B is likely to start the process some time this week.

I would appreciate a prompt response.

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