Can I join New employer while current employer's H1 COE is still in progress


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Hi Experts,


  Need your advice.


I was working for Employer A on H1 B with valid I 94 till 31st March 2015.

I got an offer for Employer B .Employer B started H1 B COE on premium processing,however  got RFE. Attorney's for Employer B did not respond to it for more than two months.

Meanwhile I got an offer for Employer C .Employer C filed H1 COE with Normal processing and asked me to join on USCIS receipt,which I did.I have been working in Employer C for about 2 months.

Last week Employer B replied to RFE and petition was approved.

Can I join Employer B,what will status of my two months with Employer C.


Thanks in advance for your advice




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