I140 approved from previous employer. H1B extension after 6 years based on current employer?

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Expert/Avid readers/lawyers if any here,


Need your help trying to figure out H1B extension in my case.


  1. I have an approved I-140 (USCIS case status shows Post Decision Activity - im assuming that it is still active)
  2. I have changed 2 employers since. And i am filing for my GC through my current employer soon.
  3. H1B expiration is in Feb 2015.
  4. I have finished my 6 years and the above expiration date is for 3 years after the 6 years (total of 9 years)

I have been told by my current employer not to worry because they can file for H1B extension based on the approved I-140.


Would that be true? Any way this could be haywire?


Thanks all.

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