Successful H1B Stamping ! 7th July @ 9.00 am


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Hello Everyone,


Just thought of updating  people  in same boat.


I had a appointment today at 9.00 am. Last night i read a post from a guy - newbie saying that he  was asked to submit a copy of resume and was issued a 221g  , which freaked me out.


I quickly went to nearest Fedex and got the print out of my resume at 7.00 am in the morning.


However i Was not asked  for any document other than I797.


Do not carry cellphones as they  are not providing any lockers. They ask you to go to a store which is like 6 min walk from the consulate to  store your cellphones/laptops /ipads for this the store charges $5 CAD.


This was my 2nd stamping in Toronto again.( Last time i stamped at Toronto was in 2011).


I was asked to go to a window and it seems the guy on that window was new and was assisted by a old lady. So i had 2 ppl working on my case as soon as appeared at window.


Questions asked - What my status in Canada and when do i plan to go back to US.

My answers -  Visitors Visa and would go back to US as soon as i get back the passport . The VO asked estimated date i Said i am expecting the passport to be back by thursday so please put thursday date.(7/10).


He then wrote PIMS ok and asked me to go to window 9/10 for finger printing.


After finger printing i was given a ticket and was asked to wait until my number was called /flashed.  Once my number was called i went to the respective window.  


Questions asked by VO at this window -

Since how long are you working with XXX company -   3 .5 years


Which state - NY/NJ.

What degree - Bachelors.

Just bachelors not Masters - Yes thats correct just bachelors .

She then said my visa is approved  and i should get it within a week.

It was pretty simple and smooth walk for me.


Total time taken( 5 min + 1 min  + 3min) 

However my case- Full time employe with one of the big bank on wall street for 3.5 years.


There was one other guy on a a window besides me and was being grilled by tons of questions from a Jamaican VO. Since he had specs he was asked to get a photo without specs and chin up again. He was running here and there and got his photo  and came back. Don't know what happened with him as i was leaving when he came back.


Hoping to get my passport soon. Now I am on my trip to Montreal for some Kite Sailing lesson :)


Good luck to everyone.!





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