H1B Extension+ Transfer (New Job) + International Travel


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I am currently on H1B and coming up on my renewal (expiring Aug 31st 2014). Recently I got a new job that I am planning to join. 

1) Whats the best time to resign from the present company ? Should I wait for the H1B change of status to be filed? Or till I have the receipt number? 

2) Suppose the new company has received the receipt of the transfer. Is it possible for me to go to India before joining the new company with that or do i have to wait for the approved I797? 

Thank you for the help. 

Best regards

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Thank you for the reply. If I may, here are a couple of follow ups. 


1) Can I resign with the acknowledgement receipt for the H-1B transfer/extension?


2) Suppose my current H1B is valid till August 31st. My new employer files the H1B transfer on July 8th and I receive the acknowledgement on July 14th. I resign on July 14th and take a break with a joining date in the new company on Aug 4th. Will I be considered out of status cause my last paycheck would be dated June 30th? 

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