Applied for H1 in US and returned to India


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I applied my H1 while I was in US on H4. In May my husbands project got over and we had to come back to India.


My H1 application was later selected in lottery and its currently has a RFE on it.


My question is that:


1) Can any other employer use this petition number and apply for stamping from India?

2) If me and my husband return to US, do we have to file for amendment to reuse existing petition number?




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  • 3 months later...

1. Only if the initial petition is approved it could be done. Otherwise NO.

2. Refer 1.

My H1 petition is now approved. 


Do I need the approved petition papers to transfer it to other employer? Can this process be done from India? The reason I ask this is because my petition was applied when my status was on H4. CUrrently I am in India.

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