Stamping in Bahamas - Processing Time


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Just checking if anybody has gone to Bahamas for stamping recently. I'm looking for processing time.


On, it is 1 day but just wanted to check on any recent experience if one can pick-up passport same day.


I've appeared for stamping in Bahamas back in 2007, and I was able to pick-up same day though I kept another day for the buffer. Obviously, I can't relate this to what happens these days.



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i do not think they can process your visa in same day it has to be atleast one working day in between


I've gotten my passport within 5hrs of my interview back in 2007. So, it's definitely possible.


In any case, 1/2 day is pretty resonable so I'm very much OK with that. My only concern is that I DO NOT know what's the recent trend. I don't want to be in a surprise and end-up having reschedule my flight, etc. so, looking for feedback who has any direct information.

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Do we need Bahamas VISA to before Travel? or Is it same as Jamaica ( we will get visa at port of entry)???


I am also thinking for this Country for stamping.


You need Bahamas Visa unlike Jamaica (visa on arrival). You can get it in like 2-3 days if you mail via express.


I just want to go there as it's cheaper and shorter flight from East Coast after including the visa cost. Also, I've been there in the past for stamping.

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Obelix - Thanks for sharing this info! Don't the answer to your question. I'm also planning to go to Bahamas for Stamping. First H1B stamped in Ottawa, Canada. This will be my second stamping in the same visa class. Am I eligible to go to Bahamas Consulate?


If you won't mind, please share your contact information at my email address (can be located in my profile, also my username has it in parenthesis - gmail account).

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